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Office chair rolls that don't ruin the floor Printer Friendly Version
Ok, now I know that there are various products out there that are supposed to do the job. There are softer rolls for hardwood floors that supposedly don't make any scratches, and there are even stumps that you can use instead of rolls (stick some felt underneath for protection). But if you've used those, you will notice that they are actually only joke articles - the floor will still suffer, and even more if you trust the manufacturer's promise and aren't as careful as you really should.
So how about inventing something that really, truely, sincerely, reliably doesn't scratch the floor when you move around with your office chair, even if you're a hardcore office worker and eat & sleep on the chair? Hover craft or magic levitation could do the trick, but I'm sure there are other ways. You could fasten the seat on an arm that's screwed to the wall (although admittedly that would be an expensive solution). Aren't there any high-tech materials that can be used for the purpose? And if yes, what could keep tiny stones or other pieces of hard material sneaking in between and causing scratches anyway?

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Document de-floater for copiers/scanners Printer Friendly Version
In photocopying or scanning documents, the combination of static charge that builds up and the movement of air by closing the lid tends to de-position, disarrange or misalign a document that has been carefully placed and positioned on the glass. This can eat up a lot of time and cause much annoyance. I'd like someone to invent a technique, gizmo or system that will keep this from happening without harming the platform, the lid, the document or the user. Benefits: more efficent use of users' time, improved quality of life and working environment, lowered blood pressure and reduced stress, maybe even lives saved by fewer folks going 'postal'.
Reward: A free one, and a beautiful trophy or plaque congratulating me for inspiring a solution that will benefit photocopier and scanner users everywhere. 

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