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Plastic Flexible Fish Tanks Printer Friendly Version
If you don't like square fish tanks or round ones you have no other choice. If you make the tank flexible your square tank turns into a roundish but supported tank. This would distort viewing purposes a little but which tank full of water doesn't. The fish would be seen as a round object and be quit hilarious in different parts of the tank except for top viewing. I think we could make any shaped tank flexible and it would be loads of fun.
A plexy-glass clear plastic that is flexible is all that would be needed and as someone who used to fill plastic type boat water tanks they stand up to any pressure so no leaks, no breaks, and the coolest tank in town. Hmm.... I wonder what shape I want... maybe tubular like the little cyclone machines. Maybe even combine cylone action with the dizzy fish!
Reward: I would like to own a fish. Also a fish tank so that I would never lose him/her. 

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Hair Growth Formula For Animal's Hair Retention Printer Friendly Version
Let's face it; all animals shed hair and it sticks to our clothing and everything else and it gets in our mouths and up our noses. Now, a standard hair growth formula can be diluted and taylored to suit any animal, but it will not grow them new hair. However, the hair growth formula does something better. It will keep the animal's skin conditioned and the hair would stay on the animal year round rather than fall out and grow new hair.
I know what you're thinking here... the animal will naturally need to drop off old hair due to nature, but if the animal keeps an (average) hair amount that never changes throughout the year, then they will not be too hot or too cold. Just right all year long. The main reason we want the hair on the animal is that it causes us to need brushes, hair removers for clothing, air filters clog, you have to vacuum it up all the time and nothing good ever comes of it except all the money we throw away keeping it on the animal. It causes these and more problems, but with all hair growth formulas in the World they are specialized to keep hair on the person by a special skin conditioning formula (that can be adapted to animal skin) so we would solve the hair problem and have more adopted pets from shelters and less need to end their lives due to lack of adoptions due to pet hassels.
Reward: A hair growth formula for pets shipped to the house and a good supply for dogs and cats. 

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Bi-Directional Aquarium Pump Printer Friendly Version
Owners of large marine aquariums have to do regular water changes, monthly or more often, a messy, wet job that COULD be made much simpler. What I want invented is a "bi-directional in-line electrical water pump" with tubing on either end, that does NOT need to be submerged to work. Here's how I envision it:
Step 1) Plug it in. Stick one end of the tubing in my tank and the other end in an empty 5-gal water container. Turn it on, it pumps the water out into the container. (Like siphoning but faster). Easy on/off button to stop when full. Step 2) Leaving the aquarium end in place, just move the other end to a full 5-gallon container. Flip the bi-direction switch on the pump and it pumps the new water right into the aquarium. No more splashing around like I always have to do now, pouring water into buckets to pump it into the tanks because I can't just pour it in (5-gal containers are too heavy and pouring disturbs the tank far too much) and I can't fit any existing pumps into the small mouths of the standard 5-gal containers that every aquarium store in Los Angeles uses to sell saltwater. This SOUNDS like a simple invention and for years I was sure it already existed somewhere, but I have now been in this hobby for >10 years and have NEVER found a pump that can do this. I've discussed it with many other hobbyists and they all agreed they'd buy this if it existed. The only engineer I discussed it with said it couldn't work because a pump needs to be primed with water so it would need to be submerged to start. I don't know if that's true.
Reward: Make me one...I need it. 

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