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Meals on demand according to your own recipes Printer Friendly Version
What about a business that would cook a meal of your choosing for you to pick up based on a recipe that you sent them earlier in the week, the day before, or that day.
Would have to be a bit cheaper than going to a real restaurant, but should be doable as there would not need to be alot of overhead.
Just a large kitchen with some good cooks.
Again you could pre-order meals in advance for pick-up.
Much healthier than fast food, you could really start using the cook books that you get every year and only cook one this out of it... ever.
Reward: credit of some sort. free franchise. 

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Web Video Code Seperator Printer Friendly Version
We transmit millions of Videos for all kinds of purposes everyday from family, Web Seminars, YouTube type sites and just about 90 percent of the sites. If we could copy and paste the Audio code seperate from the Video and have Software to Alter the Extension then we could Burn a CD or Place the Audio from the Site's Video into our IPod like devices for enjoyment or study on the go!
Reward: Free extension translator software and get YouTube Music Audio/Video Code for free on my IPod! 

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Non-Average Profiling Printer Friendly Version
We are living in a world where pretty much everything is adjusted to the average human being. Of course, the average person doesn't exist, and where it does, it is an exception in itself (something that actually isn't average at all).
For example, the furniture you buy will be designed for people of average size. When you look for something on the internet, you are presented with search options that the average surfer has been looking for. When looking at reviews on the internet, you are presented with average reviews of average taste. And so on.
Also, when dealing with companies, you are routinely treated as someone with average ignorance: The help system you are confronted with will routinely assume that you don't have a real problem but are just unable to read the instructions, as it seems like most people can't. Most password systems will assume that your password is just a plain word that you wrote on a post-it on your desktop for everyone to see, and therefore force you to change it regularly.
Oddly, all of this is happening in a world in which we are being profiled and tagged all the time, so our privacy is down the toilet anyway. Wouldn't it be nice if the technology that steals our privacy to make a quick buck could at least be employed to situations where it is truly useful? How about creating profiles that can actually help avoid all the crap that wasn't actually every meant for people like US?

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