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Anti-smoking perfume Printer Friendly Version
The problem to be solved: There are a lot of places where people are supposed not to smoke, e.g. public transportation, McDonalds, cinemas, shopping malls, public toilets, etc. However, there are always smokers they are nuts and do not respect other people's right at all. They simply ignore the rules and keep smoking. For the time being, there is not much we (people don't like passive smoking or don't like the smell) can do. These few culprits smokers can also cause a lot of damages, e.g. fire.
The solution: Can some big chemical manufacturers invent some anti-smoke perfume which can be spread publicly. The perfume is as fragrant as other French perfume and does not cause harm to anyone. However, if anyone tries to smoke under the perfumed environment, the chemical will simply react with the dust and narcotine and cause the smoker nausea and unwell and force the smoker to stop smoking immediately. I think it is a great idea and is totally commercially viable because I am sure a lot of the airlines companies, shopping malls management, cinema operators etc. will buy this anti-smoking perfume.
Reward: More fresh air and more mutual respect 

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Watermills in rain pipes Printer Friendly Version
I moved to the city a couple of years ago, and have noticed how clean the roofs always are. No leafs get up there. Further, from every roof there runs a pipe all the way along the edges of the roof, and to the ground in order to make the rain that ends on the roof go to the ground without pouring down on the windows.
My idea is simply to put a little mill inside the pipes that go from the roof to the ground, the mill should run a simple generator in order to produce power. - Since the roofs are always clean in the city, the problem of dirt accumulating in the mill is not an issue.
It wouldn't be much of an extra cost to produce such pipes, since both the generator and the mill are easily made out of few raw-materials (plastic for the mill, and some copper and magnets for the generator).
There is quite a lot of square meters of roof in a city, and if these pipes were installed as a replacement of the old ones when the roof should be renewed anyway, it would propably accumlulate a neat amount of energy (although not nearly as much as a dam!).
Reward: A sample of the product? 

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Local "Society" Fund Printer Friendly Version
I think it would be a fantastic idea for companies to have an optional "local society" fund. I know a lot of companies have a "social" fund in which employees can opt in or opt out. Even something as little as $10 per month can help immensely. For example, if there is a workplace that had even 30 employees contributing to a local society fund, that would come to a total of $3600 per year for causes to the local society fund, which could be helping their local society out in any way, shape or form. Some things I would do are: building homeless shelters, operating another food bank, buying toys and clothing for women and children's shelters, etc. I think it would be a great idea, a little can go a long ways. $10/month to a local society fund among several employees can change a lot of lives.

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