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Random Governments Printer Friendly Version
In times where the US are trying to spread their home-made type of democracy all over the world, it's time to think about new forms of government. I'll call my invention "Automatocracy" - the idea is that elections should be abolished, instead the results should be created by a random generator.
The most important achievement of democracy (as opposed to monarchy or dictatorship) is the regular rotation of government. Automatocracy would definitely have this advantage - plus a couple of other really great benefits. Just think about it: no more expensive election campaigns, no more stupid election rhetorics, less lobbying, less propaganda, no more manipulation through the media. People could finally start having their own opinions instead of getting brainwashed. Politicians would finally be able to reach unpopular decisions as well, hey, they could even concentrate on their governing duties - chances are that they'll not be part of the next government anyway!
Of course this invention still needs a little bit of fine-tuning: the randomized elections need to follow a certain algorithm, perhaps in some statistical relation to real elections. Possibly there needs to be a set of simple rules against government crimes (corruption, embezzlement) - things that are usually punished automatically in elections. Have a test run in some far-away country where it's not so important (Iraq, US, wherever) and we're set! ;-)

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Michael Reese
Engine Replacement as a Way to Control Air Pollution Printer Friendly Version
My idea for state and federal air quality bureaus to get better control of the air quality in their locales would be an engine and transmission replacement program for older vehicles. Many of these vehicles are owned by low and middle income drivers, who cannot afford newer and less polluting autos; replacing the engines of these autos would be an economical way to keep air quality from deteriorating. One suggestion is to provide a certain percentage to car owners, such as 75% of the costs to replace these parts with rebuilt ones, if their vehicles have not passed state air tests.
Reward: Not having to go into the whole for a new car, and cleaner air. 

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Microphone Generator Printer Friendly Version
I know it's not a new invention and most of us know how it works to act as transducer between air pressure (ie sound waves) and current. But the idea behind it is always to capture intelligible sound.
The idea that I propose is based on the same scheme as microphone but for the purpose of generating electricity. We can think of huge or array of microphones installed near noisy or windy places to perform like windmill but at very low cost.
Reward: mark of gratitude 

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