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Michael Howells
Remote planes Printer Friendly Version
Just about incidents like the WTC disaster maybe they should hook some device that can let the people in the air traffic control be able to shut off control from the cockpit and it has a screen in the air traffic control and they can control it from there, it would stop a lot of hijacking incidents from being disastorous
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Jesse Bang
Active sonar cancellation Printer Friendly Version
Perhaps if we can outfit submarine hulls with two layers instead of one, we might be able to cancel out the reflected waves. I have already measured out how thick the gap between the hulls should be: x(lambda)/4; where x is any odd integer. In this way, we will recieve reflection where the waves have the least energy, which is at the equilibrium.
The first layer should be any kind of material able to transmit 66% of wave energy and reflect 33%. 66% of the wave energy is transferred into the gap between the hulls, where it is then reflected yet again through the first layer. This accounts for 66% of 66% of the initial wave energy. since it most nearly matches that of the originally reflected 33%, and since the spacing is correct so that dephasing might occur, most of the waves will be cancelled, creating a much, much weaker sonar signal. It might be small enough to even avoid detection by sonar systems aboard submarines. If no such material is available, perhaps ordinary steel with holes would work.
Of course there is the significant problem of not knowing the wavelengths of the many thousands of sonar devices on submarines throughout the world.
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T-FIN Printer Friendly Version
I just bought a dodge hemi express it's a very nicely built eye catcher. A week ago my father asked me if he could borrow my 24" extention ladder. So I went to load it in my new truck and I found a prob. I could lean it on my tailgate or on the cab. Either way I'm looking at some pretty ugly scratches. So like everyone does I put a rag between the ladder and the cab and tied it down. As I was driving I thought "there's got to be a better way". My truck would look rediculous with a headache rack. So how about a rubber fin on the upper rear of the cab. It would swoop up like a car fin to give it style (not too high), yet rubber so ladders or pipes pose no further prob...
Reward: Better looking hemi / no scratches 

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