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Car steering wheel warmer Printer Friendly Version
Are you sick of getting into a cold car and having to put your WARM hands on a COLD steering wheel???? Well my idea is to turn a steering wheel cover (ya know the ones you buy that decorate your car) and turing it into a heating pad for your hands. When you get into your car plug in the attachment into the cigg. Lighter plug and wait for it to become warm. Battery operated when driving to avoid a tangled cord. Be able to set the temperature. Eliminate the need for gloves and time spent to warm up your car.
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Talking GPS Navigation Speed Limit Additive Printer Friendly Version
If you add a transmitter to all posted speed limit signs or areas for a certain road, Highway, or freeway (speedway), or just add that information to the GPS navigational equipment in your vehicle, you could move onto a road where the signs might be behind you or not visible at the time you pass the sign post then, we would have happier law enforcement officers, know the speed limits and less accidents and speeding tickets, keeping your auto insurance costs lower and yourself safer and more informed when on roads when you just don't know how fast you can go. Maybe we could add this technology to auto manufacturing and have it transmitted just above our speedometers to help keep track of our own speed.
Speeding tickets are the number one reason a person will be stopped for and is the biggest problem for us and speeding endangers pedestrian traffic crossing dangerous or busy roads. All around safer driving for all. All the speed limits could be transmitted and spoken to the person in the automobile through a small speaker installed by the manufacturer, through the GPS Speakers, or the speed limits could come across on one of your radio stations with local, state, and/or federal law enforcement traffic and road condition commercials between speed limit transmissions. They could add any additional information to that channel about the road or a commercial of any kind they wish.
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Kevin Leung Cheuk Pan
 Hong Kong
Powerless Inertia propulsion craft Printer Friendly Version
Nowaday, The US has the most sophisticated spacecraft. But it hasn't ever developed a transport that can use very little energy.
To overcome the grativational force of Earth, people have to apply a lot of thrust to encounter it to go to space.
But why don't we try to change things around? I believe (although seems impossible) there are two methods to propel the rocket without fuel.
First, scientists can find method to stop a tiny area's gravitational force, then we can just a apply a tiny force to push things up since net force is zero.
Second thing is to stop a tiny area on the Earth to stop rotating suddenly. Due to inertia, the rocket in the specific region will start to move with the Earth rotation speed (A HUGE ONE!).
Personally, i feel that the second is pretty cool.
Reward: Let me be the one who ride on this rocket. Invite me to research in these things. 

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