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I know that in every car there is a center console and it's useful for small storage. Well, I think we all would like a safe place to put our important things, especially for the majority of us who drive and for those who travel. I think of the center console as a safe, so why not build it to make it more secure? Have an alarm to lock it in it's place so that no one can break into it. Of course, the car would have to be some what computerized. Also, there should be an alarm for the car to lock the tires so that no one steals the car. Lets suppose a person is out in a neighborhood that's not so friendy and that person is worried for his or her car. Well this alaram would send a signal to a the cars mini computer to lock the car and shut it down. A quick review, the alaram sends a signal to the cars computer, locks the center console, and locks all four tires in place making it impossible for someone to steal the tires and the car! Not even a push on nuetral can do the job. I think this is very convenient for everyone people can try to break the windowns but they won't be able to move the car from it's place.

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Ultimate commuter bicycle Printer Friendly Version
Over ten years ago the ultimate fluid drive bicycle was invented by Douglas Brackett. This idea will transform that invention into the ultimate augmented drive cycling machine for commuters by introducing a micro-engine driven hydraulic rotory pump that feeds the same hub motor as does the variable piston pump driven by the pedal cranks. A control/relief valve will govern the top speed to meet legal requirements regardless the engine speed.
Reward: The duel independent drive systems will meet Federal requirements for cycling streets and trails w/o any need for license, registration or insurance. The problems this closed system will solve are: exhausting commutes, chain, rear tire and friction wheel excessive wear and maintenance/replacements; bike imbalance due to side mounted engines; and inconvenient adjustments for wet weather conditions. Other rewards include the 200 mpg ecomomy of using a micro-engine as well as its possible application on a fold up bike. An all round happy ride. 

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The Pigeon Printer Friendly Version
I had this idea of making a new high tech newspaper delivery system. I was watching this program on the history channel about homing pigeons and how they were used during WW1 to carry messgaes. Well I think the same thing can be done for newspaper delivery, but not using pigeons. It would be shaped as a pigeon and would carry at least twenty papers inside and will have a GPS system so it knows where to drop the paper. We would just have to figure out how to power the pigeon to fly.
Reward: Advice on how to make this. 

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