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Hellicopter Printer Friendly Version
OK, this may sound strange, but I had this vision of a man descending off a rugged mountain peak with an oak tree helicopter. Im sure you have seen them. they are those whirly birds leafy things that spin out of oak trees. My idea is, have a large scale replica of a oak tree hellicopter. Have the aerodynamics sufficiently flexible and proportioned to accomondate the passengers weight. Attach it to a race bearing located at the foot, or "seed" area of the "OTH" this would allow the helicopter to spin, but leave a stanionary passenger. The heavier the weight the faster the spin. The "OTH" would allow it's rider to gracefully and delicately float down to their destination. I think this would beat jumping off the roof with an umbrella. Hey how about a new sport!
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Sealed Floating Wheel Axle System Printer Friendly Version
Sealed pressurized fluid encasing a floating disk attached to an axle that goes through the center of the disk and attaches to the wheel on the outside of the encasing. The disk is made of a material that easily floats and can contain air or air pockets and the pressurized liquid surrounding the disk forces it to the center where the disk encounters friction only by the liquid that it floats in where the viscosity and pressure are the only factors for friction which defeats the friction of ball bearings and increases efficiency of movement of whatever the axle is attached to. The disk in the center of the liquid never touches the sides of the encasing or containment vessel it is floating in because of the equalibrium of pressure. The only thing touching the disk is the axle. The inner contained, sealed disk basically floats like styrofoam in water.
This system will provide skates, wheels, or anything that can use this system with less friction than ball bearings or other mechanical type parts.
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Train accident not train wreck Printer Friendly Version
Trains are an achievement of transportation economics of scale. Why not implement safety devices in it as well?
Everyone knows what total wrecks colliding trains become. The focus of blame and/or responsibility to avoid this catastrophe, has solely been on concise scheduling and line coordination of the railways network. Why not boost the odds in favour of less catastrophic results and concern for accidents/mishaps occuring?
Here's how :
Pass an international law AND create a "railcar/caboose" to ALWAYS be placed at the end of a train AND immediately after the locomotive(s), with the sole purpose of ABSORBING or at least CUSHIONING the forces of impact! I have roughly designed such a railcar using impact absorbing technologies already available in the public domain. All it needs is further verification/testing towards specific design and technologies. Sounds right? Tell me!
Reward: Pilot Project deployed in Indonesia. Device named in my honour. That's fine! 

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