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GPS Shirts & License Plates Printer Friendly Version
I'm sure this has happened to others as well: You're in an unknown neighborhood, basically lost, but there are a few cars, bikes or even pedestrians around who seem to know where THEY are going. If one of them had the same goal as you, you could simply follow them. But then, how would you know...?
Here's where GPS shirts and license plates come to play. The license plate idea is kind of easier to implement: This would be a display beside your actual license plate which is attached to your real GPS in the car, and so the folks behind you can see where you're going.
The shirt would work similarly, with the place you're heading to displayed on the back of the shirt (either automatically via GPS, or to be inserted manually). Of course, it is nice to imagine this idea in an analogous and visual way - nowadays, however, you'd be more likely to implement it virtually: Create an app, have people enter their routes, and off you go.
Reward: One of those. 

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Auto-pay at Pump / Gas Monitor Printer Friendly Version
I think it would be pretty convenient to have the same technology that is now in 'tap' credit cards, implemented into gas nozzles and tanks in your car.
The nozzle on the pump would have a sensor to gather billing info, that would be recieved from another chip mounted just inside your car where you place the pump.
When your finished some info should be collected by your car:
Price paid for gas, how many gallons, date etc.
Your car could then compare that info to your mileage, giving you a more accurate gas mileage reading, plus info like how much gas you use on average a week. How much you spend in gas per week..month..year..etc. Just real time data so you can know what your spending. Maybe even gather data to compare what you pay to a national avg just for fun.
(of course all data should be downloadable to whatever flash drive, or emailed to you)
Seems like the technology is already there. It would also save sitting at home with a calculator trying to figure out if i can afford the gas in my car, or if i need something more economic. It would just be a really nice feature.
Reward: The convenience would be a reward. 

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Controllable exhaust train toilet Printer Friendly Version
Many trains have toilets with open drain. When it is at platform, the muck spoils the paltform vicinity. Make a tank with vent controllable by guard or driver. He will open them only when he sees that site is suitable for dumping.

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