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Video Ancestry Website Additive Printer Friendly Version
The future is most likely to gravitate away from DNA and worded sites if they could tap a website that permanently preserved a digital mark which we all know is never going away.
Digital video a set of questions that pop up and keep it short and pertinent then, we would all look for a decent place on the Web for future families to join, pay, and download your ancestor's video in one place. You could simply add the family tree, DNA, and an audio/video site all collaborating for the same eternal spot in one Website.
I would use the last 10 seconds of my video-taped self to say "Beam me up, Scotty!"
Reward: Too keep my elders closer to heart... 

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Recipe Database based on supply of ingredients. Printer Friendly Version
An online recipes website, that allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients. Not main ingredients, like most recipe sites, but ALL ingredients.
In other words, I would log onto the site, enter in what I have in the fridge and in the cupboard (store the info in a database so I don't have to add it every time), and then look for what I can cook. I would only see recipes that I would be able to make at that moment with the ingredients I allready have.
Reward: Inform me about it. 

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Thumb drive notification when you try to log out Printer Friendly Version
I've done it before, and I imagine you might have too. You plug in your USB drive into the USB port and open up your work, spend ages working on it, save. Log out. Walk away.
...which is fine, if you're at home. But I'm a school student, and a number of times I have left my thumb drive in a school computer, or seen it happen to other people. Sometimes, you get it back. Other students are not so honest.
The problem is, if you lose the USB drive, you use the work on it as well, either temporarily or permanently. The logical thing to do would be to back it up, but we're not perfect, and I (and probably others) never do.
I have seen programs (although I've never used them) that display a warning when you power off your computer/put it into standby, telling you that your USB drive is still in the computer. However, there are two problems with this (for my intended use, anyway):
1. At school (I'm a student) we don't turn off the computers at the end of each class. Instead, we simply log off so the next person may use the computer. The warning would never appear.
2. From what I've seen, these programs are installed on the computer itself, rather than being stored on the USB drive. We have over 100 computers and you can never be sure which one you're going to be using. Clearly the program needs to be stored on the USB drive, NOT the computer you plug it into.
So, what I'm suggesting: A small program that runs from your USB drive and, when it is still plugged into the computer and you try to log off, it displays a notification something along the lines of, "Wait a minute, don't leave me behind!"
(If anybody know of something like this, PLEASE let me know!)
Reward: Free use of this program and clear instructions on how to make it work if it's not just a simple app. 

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