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Stig Bakke's brother Stig
New Release Update Service Printer Friendly Version
Yes, everyone knows that Harry Potter's latest is being released today, but how often have you gone to a book or record store and noticed that something new had been released by your favorite less-well-known author or artist six months ago without you notincing?
It happens to Stig and me all the time: if your tastes are anything other than completely mainstream, you can't count on being informed by advertising, and you might miss a product you'd like to have.
Why not create a database where you can input your favorite artists, and they'll send you an email whenever they release something new? You could customize it to send you a reminder weeks in advance, or the day of the release, and wouldn't miss out.
I'm sure major publishers would appreciate (read: sponsor) this, since more people would buy the product at the release date, and less would buy used or ignore it completely.
Reward: A bi-monthly reminder that Liz Phair isn't dead. Thank you. 

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Jon Banham
 United Kingdom
Internet Opportunity Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever had the trouble of getting it all together to send someone a note or a thank you card? E-Mail is the answer, but if they are not connected, it takes ages to organise the card, stamp, pen, etc., and then it has to be posted.
I propose an organisation that will take care of all this. They would be contacted via e-mail, and they would send the hard copy for you. Any personal messages could be cut and pasted into a card or onto a letter heading. The only problems are with advertising the service and method of payment.
Reward: "Recognition" Ha Ha! 

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Eyesight Testing Software Printer Friendly Version
A computer program that tests peoples eyes to find their eyeglass prescription. It could duplicate the effects of the machine with the lenses that the optometrist makes you look through. The person would look at the computer screen without any glasses on and select which of two images looks clearer repeatedly, just like at the optometrist. The computer program would emulate the effect of an eyeglass lens. The image would look like what a person with perfect vision would see if he put on someones eyeglasses. Of course to someone who needed that eyeglass prescription, the image would look clear. This system would save money because you would not need the expensive equipment at the optometrist, and people could test themselves at home to make sure that they had the best eyeglass prescription.
Reward: A free copy of the software. 

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