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Web-based distributed payment Printer Friendly Version
A website that allows groups of people to enter into a contract to distribute payments from a single source according to a simple percentage scheme. For example, if a creative product developed by a group was sold on the web, the resulting payments would be made through this website to a common account for the product, but then distributed to the individuals in the group automatically. This is similar to Paypal, but with the automatic distribution system, it allows long-term collaborations that do not require communication or futher negotiation between the group members. The site would include a notification of all group members that a payment had been made, the total, and the individual member's share. It would allow group members to change information about contact, login, and destination of payments. It would require input from all group members to change percentages or other terms of the agreement made for the group's project.

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Web Site Printer Friendly Version
Idea being is to make People Technologically Emotional. Can be a WebSite with a main feature of "ALL EXPRESSIVE ICON, ANIMATIONS or anything that relates People Mood, feelings and emotions"
Reason 2 have : For 2006, People in US sent such imotions of all kind worth of 24 Million $$s

Scope : There are many sites on NET but no one has extensive collection of Pictorial or Animated Expressions.
Professional now want to use such "ICONS" for their routines...

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Secure bank wireless HDD. Printer Friendly Version
It would be nice nowdays to have banks provide wireless HDD servies. (This may have already been accomplished). It's not that hard. Most of us have our prized possessions on our drives. Pictures, Movies, Documents, become our life. Some of us store, media, in the banks vault. But it's not that readily available. To have a wireless account to a banks HDD array would be great. Come in to the bank, transfer a few files to and throw, via secure wifi. And leave.
Reward: Service of course 

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