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1st person shooter/virus scanner Printer Friendly Version
My idea is to combine a virus scanner with a 1st person shooter (eg: quake). The program could be run in different modes:
1/ Scan your machine for viruses = serious virus scanner with std anti-virus type gui.
2/ Play the built in game independently of virus scanner = self explanitory.
3/ Scan your machine with game front end = Game starts - virus scanner scans your machine in the background while you play the game. The game would be just like any other 1st person shooter - mazes, bad guys, etc. Any viruses found would spawn new "Special Bad Guys" in your vicinity in the maze - a new bad guy for each virus found. The bad guys could have descriptive labels above their heads to signify that they are indeed a virus, and of what variety. When you kill the bad guy, the virus is deleted. At the end of the scan you would have the option to continue the game, or quit. Quitting would automatically delete/cure any viruses that you missed killing off in the game. If your machine is badly infected and there are too many bad guys to kill off - you would be presented with an option to return to the serious antivirus front end to save on system resources.
Reward: Free product and lifetime upgrades 

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Charity Personality Printer Friendly Version
My idea is for a website for people wanting to either do charity work or donate to a charity, but aren't sure which charity is best for them.
This website will match your personality with a charity you may like. The person wishing to donate will fill out a questionnaire. This information is loaded into a data base that matches the person to an appropriate charity. The website will generate income through advertising.
Reward: 30% ownership in the concept is the reward for a website designer/developer. 

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Stig Bakke
Automatic Internet Hoax-Finder Printer Friendly Version
Do you really believe everything you see on the net? Of course not, but how do you tell what's real and what isn't? Wouldn't it be great if you could just download a hoax-finder, click an icon, and get a result such as: Hoax Probability: 92%? This could be achieved by cross-referencing the site name with various sites that report or comment on such things, or just by searching for the site name together with words like hoax, fake or phony in various search engines.
Reward: Free hoax-finders for everyone who was gullible enough to sign the anti-bonsai-kitten petition! 

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