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 Dominican Republic
Eyes on top Printer Friendly Version
Let's say there is a device that identifies certain frequencies and their origin. Put one of them in the top of each light post (or at least one in three) and a camera. Then adjust this device to detect the noise of a gun shot. It will activate the camera aiming towards the noise source. It could help to identify criminal situations and will stop crime somehow, since they will know that can be viewed.
Reward: Safer streets 

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Reusable Flexable Water Proof Washable Leather Grocery Bags Printer Friendly Version
Here in America we use reusable material bags to be eco-friendly but, I think in the long run we need to produce a thin leather grocery bag that can be treated to be water proof and still be flexable. Just an idea. We get money savings for just bring our own bags too the store to not waste the enviroment.
Reward: Leather last for ever!!! 

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World News in a Sandpit Printer Friendly Version
Most psychologists would probably agree that grownups don't REALLY exist. As we grow older, we simply pretend that our behavior is more rational than it was when we were still sitting in the sandpit, but in fact, while the sandpit has changed, we really haven't: Most of what so-called grownups do really just comes from the same emotional motivation that they had when they were really, really small.
What I'd like to see is a satirical news show that doesn't collaborate in enhancing the self-importance of public figures, and which doesn't pretend that there is some deeper meaning to their behavior, when so often there isn't. In that show, the daily news would be reenacted by preschool children, and so viewers could more easily understand what's REALLY going on. The likes of Kim Jong-un, Angela Merkel, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Donald Trump and so forth would be portrayed as the (unpopular) kids which they really are deep inside, highlighting in their quest for attention, love and respect.
Reward: A piece of world peace 

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