Taking pride in what you did at home or elsewhere? Want to recommend it to others? This is your chance!
By topper3
I have applied liquid shoe polish( with the little sponge attached ) to the plastic covering protecting the metal supports of my garden furniture, which has proved to provide both protection and a brilliant shine for a season. Encouraged by this, I have used it on the plastic finishings to my front door, car facia plates, Sky television aerial , and my gas fire, which to my surprise withstood high temperatures. I have reported this success to the manufacturers of this liquid and have inquired as to the possibility of supplying the polish in a can with a brush attached,(as I have used with other liquids), but have had no response. Please try it . I 'm sure that there are many other uses that you can find for this liquid.
By prestonwatson
Hi Topper,

The only thing people can think about shoe polish is to polish the shoes. That's it. But you have shown various different uses of shoe polish. I haven't tried any till date, honestly. Your comment has encourage me and for sure I am going to try something else than what you have done. Let me do on weekends and then I will share here. Cheers.
By fabina
it's funny what you did . . . but pretty informative . . . :-D
you did'nt mention the name of the shoe polish you used . . . cause every shoe polish maker have their own ingredients . . . !!!

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