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By jelley
Below is a pic of my wimpy-looking homemade sorbonne-bons.
Maybe wimpy, but yummy.

Actually, not quite homemade, because I made the bon-bons using vanilla Turkey-Hill ice cream, which I sliced into squares and dipped into melted chocolate (choco-bits & oil in microwave), then refroze them.

Then I thawed some vanilla ice cream in fridge a couple hours, and mixed that with guava juice. Then refroze same to become guava sorbet.

I then folded the bon-bons into the guava sorbet.
Voila, guava sorbonne-bons:
(some day maybe I'll try making Sunken Cafe-bon-bons as posted in Sea of Chaos..

By jelley
Thanks :)

Actually, a quicker, yummier, idea would be to fold in Edy's bon bons into Edy's sugar free, fat free coffee ice cream (after thawing the latter a few hours in fridge, of course.

And if the converse were available (i.e. coffee bon bons inside vanilla ice cream), then you could call it:

Sunken Cafe Bon Bons..

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