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By lluidastradingllc
We sell automated machines that can form, fill and seal small bags of 0-500ml of beverage that when packaged can be frozen and sold as a frozen treat at schools, baseball and soccer matches, church fairs etc. The product is an inexpensive alternative to pricey beverages that can be enjoyed by all ages. There are no limitations to the beverage formulations as you are free to design your own drink, natural juice, water or flavored water. We have simple formulations for sale, which can be restructured to suit your markets or your personal taste. The product can also be labeled with your own design and name. The presentation of the product is that of a pillow type pouch beverage that is frozen or chilled. This approach is designed based on the effect of the recession and the developing need for more inexpensive approaches.

The concept took off in several Caribbean islands and producers are able to offer their 250ml fruit flavored icy treats at $0.06 per pouch, so what happens is that it sells in great abundance in largely populated conventions, outings or environments.

This opportunity comes at a time when many people are leaving and losing jobs and have no direction to go for future income earning. It gives you a chance to develop your own business and to express your creative talents in beverage production.

Reward: Look at the idea and see if the industry can be expanded in your area. Give us your feed back of interest and we will be willing to guide you to setting up your own operation.When you express your interest we will provide you the details needed to start your OWN BUSINESS.

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