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By Ciaron Jenkins
Good Afternoon
Many people have heard of a key finder or a key locator before and have said that they are "incredible" and a "real life saver" however,after researching into many of these, i like many others have noticed a few fatal flaws in the products.
With the GPS tracking types there is really just one main issue that stands out and that is the fact that the location settings arent always reliable. this is because they use bluetooth signals which are easily blocked by barriers such as the walls in your home or most dense material.
Because of the major issues with the GPS styled products i decided to go back to the more basic key finders that simply made a loud noise and flasheed. very quickly i became aware of some issues that were just clearly overlooked or uncontrollable. for starters the type of wave frequency used meant that it had a low range, secondly the overall reliability of the products were almost non existant as they tended to not work with many customers in general. finaly the most irritating thing that can happen is that the product would go off at random times this being an oversight into the manufacturing process in regards to the fact that something is clearly wrong in the internal components. this would probably be one of the most irritating things that could happen to a customer after being promised a revolutionary product.
it is because of these issues that i have decide to create a "next generation" of key finders whereby the signal used would be the same as those used through a telephone call therefore preventing the limit in range to an extent as well as allowing a two way establishment meaning that either product can initiate the other.
you could just say that this is just a mobile phone attached to your keys but in actual fact it is just a simple keyring that allows radio waves to initiate both a reaction and a trigger in both cases causing a reaction in the opposite device. As well as this when using your actual mobile phone to initiate the receiver if you arent close by enough to locate the device with your hearing alone the device has an automated system where it send an automatic generic "text" to the mobile phone something like device not deactivated. Along with this message will be an address stating the last know address of the device attached to the keys.

This is a BTEC engineering project that i am completeing at college and i would really like to hear all feedback possible whether it is posotive or negative as i would just like to keep improving my idea and let it lead to others.

Thankyou very much for reading.

Reward: Ciaron Jenkins

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