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It is the MOST worse day in my life!

PostPosted:Tue Mar 02, 2004 11:13 pm
by supime1985
It is the MOST worse day in my life!
In this afternoon I have parted with the girl!: * (
Then, when we already have included music, it has become much better:
The mood has risen... Well... Well, normally.
Only here with it(her) now there was something not so: (
She(it) laid on bed, of something thought and worry (did not talk even).
I have asked:
" Something happened? "
She: " Yes is not present, all is good "
I: " You want me to throw? "
She: " Can be "
And here me as boom something inside! The heart has become so frequently to be beated!
Was so hot inside! Even the tears on eyes have acted. Simply I it also was afraid.
Did not want to write yesterday in a Diary that with me was, but now I shall tell:
Yesterday at night I cried! Yes, for the first time for all three years!
Simply I have thought, that in the summer she will leave adroad, will meet there other boy and as him will be lucky(carry):
He will see her beautiful smile, her artful in love eyes, her figure... To feel her attachment,
kindness, understanding, regret... She will on him miss,
To worry for him to wait for a bell... he will her kiss to embrace, to give souvenirs...
Pancake, well here I can not! I type, and at the tear on eyes flow you would know as to me is now sick.