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Video Camera Trick

PostPosted:Sun Oct 31, 2004 8:07 am
by AaronBurns
I have an easy, free way to give your captured images a glow like in the old movie "Tron". This idea is simple to explain and do. What you do is this; record the same image four times on your TV and the white colors will glow. You record whatever you want in dark and light colors (For contrast because only the white colors glow and the dark never changes) then you go into a room at night or a room with no light. Then you back light your TV screen so there is light on the screen but no glare or reflection. (This can be done from the front with diffused light). Then you play what you recorded on your DVD or Video tape on your player where what you recorded is playing then you record the TV playing what you taped. Then you take out the recording of the TV and play it and record that recording. When you do this three, four, or five times, you get a clear picture but it will have a bright glow around all light colored images because what you record off the TV has the light from the room reflecting it back into the camera on the white colors. You will loose only some detail on white colors but, none is lost in the dark or normal light range colors. It is really a cool Special Effect and I urge you to try it out!

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