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See Through Bubbles

PostPosted:Fri Nov 12, 2004 3:44 pm
by AaronBurns
Have you ever had a bath and realized that when you add the bubbles it covered and hid everything under the water making it impossible to find your bath rag or bar of soap? Let alone what you have washed off or not. In other words you can't see anything. I may have a recipe here that could solve this problem but, may need some adjustments and warnings before using it at home. First you find a good quality dish detergent and mix in purified and distilled water then you add glycerine and standard white Karo Syrup. There could be a stinging sensation to eyes and other body parts but, maybe not. But, what I do know about it is the more glycerine and standard white Karo syrup you add the bigger and clearer the bubbles become. Escentially you will end up with a bath tub full of clear and see through bubbles which, will still clean and be fun but, will not hide everything underneath the surface of the bubbles that lay on top of the water's surface. This could be the best way to go. I suggest giving it a try. It can't do any permanent damage to you but, we will see soon if it can be done. Happy bathing. By the way; dish detergent makes a great greasy hair shampoo as well.

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