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Games in General, and what would make them better

PostPosted:Fri Jun 10, 2005 2:33 am
by jameselger

First, is reconnaissance isn't or doesn't happen. What I mean here is that there is typically no landscape. Not in a flyby or walkthrough. In my mind land based operations should start with a fly-over, and that is just to get a topigraphical map of the roads and alleys. It isn't like you can walk around anything to look at where your enemies are posted outside the buildings.

Second, all buildings and ships are built with limited walk throughs. None of the game authors are concerned with realizm, and are binding the games to a story line. The binding of a game's story line is the mission found in the plot, and not staying on the set. I'm tired of being bound to a path that gives you no choice but to go where or be where the set, script, and game stage insists.

Finally, the best games are going to be designed with multilevel walkthroughs. The landscape walkthrough should be the first priority if there is a city or town. Then each building should be inspected as for walkthorugh qualities and realizm. There shouldn't be any level oreinted to one town, but a series. A building could have several levels involved, and several keys to get to several levels. Backtracking should always be allowed. Game objectives, jellybeans etc should never need be in a specific order, but out of a list of objectives either are or aren't accomplished. Sure, you may need to load the walkthrough of a building in moving in into a door, or out of a door. That in the walkthrough process and as a result of enemies may need to load between floors in using a staircase, elevator or escalator. But, none of this is impossible, nor should it be. On starships, the walkthrough needs to be finished, gun rooms, turrets, if any, engine room, pilots housing, mess hall, crews quarters, machine shop, electronics room and electronics repair alley. The problem is that the details are not being called important. Even if there are so many enemies in just a few small rooms, that should never limit your ability to backtrack, even if loading is required. Once you've killed all of the enemies in a zone, it shouldn't remain empty forever if you've entered the middle of a ship and have both fore and aft as directions to be fighting in. The enemy should be moving in behind you and moving out the dead.

Yes, in a science fiction game, I do wish that the limited walkthroughs would stop being bound to the story lines, in fact just be stopped, and the player should only be bound to mission objectives even if it's based upon a movie.