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By sebin
in India most of us would have heard about Reva electric car...the main problem is if the charge goes down then ur stuck ie the drawback for all electric car ...the idea is that carry a mini generator(honda) inside the car,if the battery is low then the petrol engine kicks in which turns the generator which in turn charges the battery of the car. so this sort of becomes like a hybrid car and the cost would be around 3-4 lakhs. another addition we can do is to fix a solar panel of optimum size on top the car. thus improving the mileage .

And those who are not Indians u guys are also welcome to try this idea; the reason for the title is that most Indidans knows about the Reva car and how popular it is.

if anybody did this u can post the details.

Reward: just dont get mad after reading this 'cause of my english.
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