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I was thinking, what if people grew up learning the usual things most of us have learned in school, college and University, but after all of this, we were to learn that we could eventually evolve to control the elements as powers, and if everyone believed it, we all eventually could? - Like a sort of hero academy. I know this sounds like the typical sci-fi idea, but maybe, just maybe, if we were to believe in it, it could come true. It's easy to SAY you believe it or not, but if we all actually believed it and gave up our normal everyday activities to just focus on controlling the elements, maybe we could...
We already know there are loads of capabilities of the body and brain, and maybe if we thought of the imagination part of the brain as the power 'rotor' or 'engine' for powers (rather than intelligence as power, then we'd probably find we could. People already say that there are secrets of childhood which we don't use as we get older. Imagination is one of them which we definitely lose over time, and what if the brain isn't the way scientists believe to be true, just because of how they've studied them. What if it's actually like an engine which can be controlled and goes round and round building up powers and speed along the way, until you have powers of the world around you. The trouble is, in the world today, is that people are always stopping and starting, halting their progress, in between jobs, when they go into depression, when all sorts of other things happen, so it would be helpful if the majority of human beings could almost ALL agree on this so that we don't stall or halt each other from progress...

I hope at least some of this has made sense. On the other side of things, just keep doing your normal daily activities and you'll be fine. :-?
By 'The One'
Exactly! That is one good example Elenos, it's stuff like that. It's like if you're quick enough too then you can catch these random things in life when they happen. I remember that I once did something I couldn't believe I did. I was under ten years old at the time I think, and I remember losing myself in enjoying a bike ride. I went round a corner, down a hill, my friends and some of my family were further behind me and hadn't yet reached the corner so they missed what I did. Anyway, I was riding down a hill and as I was riding, I didn't realise how close I was to the edge of the road. There was a grass verge and a long metal gate that streched right down to the end of the road. Without realising, I rode slanted into the side of the grass verge/bank, rode up the side of the grass verge/bank, flew in the air upside down while rotating, still on my bike and still looking forwards, and landed perfectly continuing to ride along (before I slowed down to a halt, realising what I'd just done). I came more to my senses and realised that I just did something amazing. I felt like I wasn't even in control. It felt like I suddenly went into a 'dream'. You might think that maybe I was just daydreaming that it happened, but yet it felt so real, as if it HAD happened.

"There is more to things than meets the eye".
Also, it might be to do with whether you are a creature who is adapted more to sea, land or air, or a mixture of two or all of these options. These could affect many of your attributes as a living being and affect your metabolism rates, different functions in your brain, etc...
By 'The One'
Elenos, very interesting story. By the way, maybe you'll be able to see the electricity again if YOU believe you can, and not just the people around you...(Hint, Hint) ;) Also, lets just say you might have to think like a kid and be starry eyed again to do it (Extra hint, nudge, nudge) ;D B-) I'm not *beep*, but alot of things involving paranormal powers ARE the other way around in this world, to do with how you SEE things, and how fast the adrenalin is making your brain energy go round and round like an engine...(*Cue Dragonball Z animation, lol*) :] :-?
By 'The One'
Remember though, trust what's logic to you and through your trust in other people, and know yourself, etc... I typed the last post without much thought except for a few ideas a while ago, so don't use this info irrationally or anything, lol, "don't try this at home"...Sorry, I now don't even know what I'm talking about, lol. I don't want to have caused you to do anything ridiculous that I could be blamed for basically...which is how everyone thinks. :-° :D

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