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By 'The One'
If you learn to control your eyes, you can look at things you wouldn't normally want to look at, and you won't be affected. Also, you may not realise but if you feel something has caught your eye, and 'taken you light' in a sense, you can 'take back' the light that has been lost from your eyes, as well as giving it.

You simply have to IMAGINE and feel that you yourself is pulling the light back that you have lost, by simply controlling your eyes from inside yourself and allowing them to move back into your head.

It sounds barmy but this kind of stuff is true, but I've worked it out myself, not heard it from other people. I'm not exactly sure if it's a good idea to know this stuff in the first place, whether it is factually true, or whether I should tell anyone in the first place. You all probably instinctually know already anyway. :-? 8-o :-]
By 'The One'
Also, it might be to do with whether you are a creature who is adapted more to sea, land or air, or a mixture of two or all of these options. These could affect many of your attributes as a living being and affect your metabolism rates, different functions in your brain, etc...

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