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By Abalone
A lot of products like electronics and others come in large plastic bags inside already well-protected boxes. These bags must then be cut or pried open. Often one finds the following warning on the bags: "Warning! This bag is not a toy, keep away from children." The idea is that a child could put the bag over its head and choke.

Instead of this warning, the bag should be made so that it shreds into 2 or more pieces when opened, rendering it harmless. This can be accomplished with specially prepared brittle seams in the plastic and convenient handles on the sides of the bag that make the customer pull in the preferred directions. This has the added value of making the bag easier to open

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By Peter Mckinlay
Any plastic bag can easily be multi micro holed. Such holing is small enough to be dust proof but if a vacuum is placed against the plastic the hole will convex in alowing air to pass through.

Regards Peter

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