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Current from a 12 volt battery will drive a 12 volt motor which in turn drives a shaft. Several 12 volt alternators are run from the shaft. 2 or more of the alternators will feed current back to the battery while others send current to lights or other small appliances.

I know this seems to be a perpetual motion machine but I have used it for short periods of time. The problem is that the system can't generate enough power to maintain the battery for extended uses.

Any suggestions?
By Peter Mckinlay
Dear KDB,
The problem with any machine it has friction at some point, that is why you alternator cannot return the full 12 volts back to your battery.

A small generator assist is needed. The easiest way to make one of these run perpetualy is to have an oblong loop pf pipe containing a little Ammonia and some Hydrogen.

A google search shall reveal how an absorption fridge works. You dont want the fridge part, but the principal of the ammonia vapour presure going through a micro gas turbine then on up to be cooled by the hydrogen so it cools and falls back into the ammonia pool. This process shall continue at any temperature above 0c.

A micro generator attatched to the micro turbine shaft sahll keep your battery topped up.

Regards Peter
By chrishellmax
Like this idea. Here is a part that you might want to add to it.
Take a average fan that turns with wind.
Attach the fan to a generator, attach generator to the batteries.
Use your car to drive normally, by 2 miles per hour the fan should start
By 10 miles the power generated by the fan, should make the batteries regenerate
fast enought.
Hugs Chris. :D

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