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By 'The One'
Ever had times when you felt like you influenced something bad that wouldn't normally seem like it's your fault?...Like for example, feeling that you are guilty for someone losing a round of golf at a championship shown on T.V, EVEN THOUGH you are only watching it on T.V...?

It's a bit like the film, 'White Noise', except what if it felt like it was you who caused the problem and someone's failure, or have you ever felt that it was because of your mind set that the electricity in your house switches off, and then when you decide it is because of you, you decide to suddenly switch your trail of thought, and then miraculously, the electricity comes back on...or sometimes just your T.V...like what happened to me one day.

It sounds like a ghost story, but I swear, there's been some supernatural stuff going on everywhere I go these days. I'm hoping the 'Men in Black' don't come after me (lol)!

Maybe when things happen live on T.V, because it is a direct transmission and it is LIVE, you can send your own feelings and vibes through your own T.V to the camera where something is being filmed, whether you are in a really good mood or a really bad mood.

What if you could switch between being a night-creature and a day-creature, whether you use light energy or dark energy...? This is what I think I've been doing, because I can experiment on myself, and reattain my conscience and not forget who I am, etc. It's handy having a special diary, (but quite worrying too with what such a simple thing can allow you to do...it reminds me of Lord of the Rings, and the T.V thing reminds me of the film called 'The Ring' (!)). I suppose it's just the way you look at things really, because if you allow yourself to be too paranoid about stuff then you ARE going to be paranoid and worried. You start to actually think you are making loads of bad stuff happen because you become too self-conscious, as alot of teenagers become if they don't focus on positive stuff. Switching between the 'two sides' of your brain is very confusing if you have slow or lazy circulation in your brain, if you just can't get it to work properly. It's been such a pain and such a dark burden but I feel I am overcoming it now. The paranoia and worry is going away now and it's time to return to a balanced, normal and enjoyable lifestyle, rather than being a mopey 19-year-old, when I could be an ACTIVE 19-year-old. I think I'm ready to move on (Sorry if I'm coming across as being very corny, I'm not at all really, lol!).

What if positive is secretly negative, and what if negative is secretly positive? In other words, what if people are always confused because they think of positive and negative as thwe wrong way around, but they don't want to believe it because it will ruin their enjoyment in life...? Mind you, the more you think, the worse things become alot of the time, so this CAN'T be true for ALL positive and negative facts...MAYBE some but NOT ALL, so no worries there, thankfully there won't be any need to abandon your current lifestyle that you have worked so hard for over the years and which you now enjoy.

There are always suspicions though about the things people don't like to talk about. You can't always trust what you are told. In fact, the one thing you can always trust is your own feeling, in your conscience.
By AgentOrange
The One,

I can't help but like you. But, it's time for you to advance to Stage Two, the knowing.

The time for questions is wearing thin for you. There is already enough information available to you.

All you need to keep track of, at this juncture, is that it's far better if you arrive at the answer on your own.

The only other question you should ask yourself is...

How do you know that it hasn't been me controlling your thoughts, all along?

(Pull yourself together. You're far too intelligent for this merry-go-round!)

Agent Orange
By 'The One'
Thank you Agent Orange, alot has happened since the last posts here, and I see what you mean about the Knowing, and about arriving at the answer(s) on one's own, and about that last question too...
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