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By Jigsaw
just brainstorming again

Isn't it possible to make an engine run and regain the power with some sort of dynamo's ?

for instance you got a rolling link (for production) powered by a motor, now under this rolling link are a lot of dynamo's re-catching all the power that got lost to power the motor ?

You might think the dynamo's could never produce an equal amount of power, but then just increase the number of dynamo's ?
Or would the friction be to high or something so that the thing woildnt work
By amorriso
No, infinite energy is not that easy. You can't make a perpetual motion machine. It is forbidden by the law of conservation of energy. No matter how many dynamos you used to try to capture the energy from the motor, they could never produce more energy than the motor used. In fact they would produce less because energy would be lost due to friction, etc.
By 0702504
I have created an engine that powers it self and thus never need refueling, all it needs is an initial electronic start much like a normal car engine. This can be produced from a battery which is then recharged while the engine is in motion via a belt much like in regular petrol engine today.

Anything is possible when you think outside the box i am hoping to have a full sized version of this engine up and running by 2014.


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