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By Peter Mckinlay
Turbine generators come in two forms Steam/Gas and Hydro.
Steam/gas driven turbines have efficiency rating below 45%.
Hydro turbines have efficiency above 90%.
Neither Steam nor Gas can directly drive a Hydro turbine.

However both steam and gas can be used to force water through a hydro turbine.
Whenever steam or gas is applied to water, the water takes on the same pressure as the steam or gas.
To do this I made a very simple device consisting of floating balls and a peice of water pipe.

Non electric (absorption) fridges use high pressure heated gas to make the fridge work.

By tapping into the gas supply line between the liquid boiler and the gas condenser in the fridge, the gas pressure is put to work driving the turbine without affecting the operation of the fridge.

The amount of electricity that can be generated is totaly proportional on the gas pressure and the volume of gas flow per second.

Having a fridge cabinet is not essential for electric generation but the absorption principal is.
Google search has many sites explaining the absorption fridge principal.

Also many other gasses other than those used in a fridges provide greater pressure for lower heat and therefore are more ecconomical in this process.

An example a 350 Megawatt steam powered turbine using 500 tonnes of Coal, if using Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) and the absorption process would need only one tonne of Coal, and no water.
If using a more active gas such as Helium even less coal and no water would be needed.

For a domestic electric generator any heat source of 10c is all that is needed, as the absorption process cools the gas and its the pressure difference between the cool and warm that is the calculated working pressure.

An expandable graph is one litre of gas flow per secomd at 2 Bar pressure gives eight amps.
Upping either the pressure or flow rate increases that, ie two litre flow at 2 Bar gives 16 amps.
One litre gas flow at 4 Bar gives 16 amps etc.

There is no reason why commercial electricity cannot be generated this way.

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