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By Ronh20
By ronh20
I was in a airplane flying from Chicago to Los Angeles. We were about 30,000 feet high over the western desert. I could tell the position of the plane by the angle of the sun in the afternoon. We were about over the intersection of Arizona, Utah, Colorado & New Mexico when I saw them out the plane window. They were massive and stayed in view for a long time. One was a geoglyph of a large bird with multiple legs like a pheasant but with tractor feet . The other geoglyph was a airport which was round and you could take off and land in any direction. A plane was on the runway . I could see his propeller turning. This was the land of the Anasthi or Choca Indians and they made small petroglyphs is it possible that they made these large geoglyphs? And why they being so large hasn’t someone else seen them, could it been the angle of the sun?
One other possibility exists. Could have it been a message from God? Pheasant> present of tractor beam ( electromagnetic) on bird (plane). Airport>porter or slave (Psalms) 111 the promise. Any direction> go check Sun. (Luke 21:25) The plane with propeller turning> you tell when tower burning?

Of course this exclamation is esoteric but it does explain why I came up with ideas just after the 9/11 incident. It was then I began to think about a radical new engine that used diatomic carbon as fuel before I knew of the existence of the element. It was not until I heard from P. Feynman about the polarization devise that I got the whole picture. Now it comes together in a neat package called the PHOTON ENGINE. (COVERED IN ELECTROMAGNETIC SPACE PROPULSION SYSTEM--IN SCI-FI)

I guess John in his day got messages in the form of Revelation. This is a modern day revelation.

There I’ve done It. Gone from business to science to religion in that order.

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