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By saxenamanish
I develop and research on unique herbal formulation for the benefit of mankind. Several products have been developed by me. I developed one of the finest products ever developed in medical science which was to cure gangrene. The remedy was tested on more than 50000 patients. not a single amputation took place. Several other products have been deveoped by me. All my products are neem based. neem is considered as an indispensable gift nature would have ever given. I have been experimenting on neem since the last 10 years and have found valuable health benefits for all using neem. main among them being enhancement of immunity, activation of metabolism, purification of blood, stimulation of digestion, Diabetes, Thyroid, cancer, gangrene, non-healing-ulcers, chronic skin problems, obesity etc. my idea is setting up of a unique center where the people can benefit from products as well as process.

The process
put Neem in water
boil it to make decoction
mix the decoction with other herbs and oils
evaporate water

Benefit of Product
1. oil for non healing wounds and chronic skin infection
2. oil for pain management
3. oil for treating alopecia
4. oil for leukoderma
Benefits of proces
1. while making decoction one can inhale steam to absorb volatile neem constituents.
2. the decoction can be used for drinking, washing and cleansing wounds & skin infections, mouth wash, enema, mixed in food items, sanitiser, mixed in (oil, ghee, creams, gels etc)
3.used to make glasses

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