Taking pride in what you did at home or elsewhere? Want to recommend it to others? This is your chance!
By mrelet
If you need to wash a few plates and cups, fill a cup with water, add soap, and microwave for about a minute. Then hand wash with this. Using 1 cup of hot water this way saves gallons of running hot water and it is done in the same time.

Reward: Free use of your microwave when mine breaks down (I'm kidding-it won't)
By cristinijames
It's easy to use microwave just put your things in bowl in there and on it over needed temperature ti make it hot.
Today many latest addition invent in microwave so just look at there and i am sure u will definitely like it deeply.
and just take by experience the new one.

have a good appliances from cristini.
By jhocreate
Well that's nice. Washing the dishes wont be hard enough for you to do. When did you found out that microwave can clean those plates and cups. Well for me that was a very good and intelligent idea because we can save a lot of water.

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