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mental mobility

PostPosted:Tue Jul 15, 2003 6:03 pm
by labbo_mm
I am doing a project on “mental mobility”. I have tentatively defined mental mobility as the ability to function in a positive and creative manner even in an environment of uncertainty. It is the ability to act appropriately within a reasonable time frame to tackle situations relevant to one’s area of responsibility. It is a large canvas in which pro-activity, creativity, decision making, and initiative are some of the subsets. It can thus be defined as the “ability to function positively and aggressively in an environment of quick changes, uncertainty and inadequacy of information”.

At this point in time I am more concerned with the two aspects of decision making viz “Appropriateness of the Decision” and “Time taken to arrive at the Decision”.

Is there some way for me to carry out measurement of the time aspect ? Are there any tools for standardized measurement ? Will it be possible to develop/create such tools ? What if one was to also build in the necessity of arriving at non routine/unconventional decision ? Help!!!

Any other thoughts/views/comments are as welcome. Can someone out there suggest some relevant websites ? Would love to engage with and correspond with people involved in similar pursuits. Please mail to many thanks