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PostPosted:Sun Oct 26, 2003 6:14 am
by cynet
"The Game" Ultimate Game
You remember the movie. Make the game.
A A.I. game if you please.
First you fill out a questionair.
The computer determins your IQ.
Develops plots.
This game has eyes.
It would use, your camera on your computer. your keyboard, your mouse, any input device you can imagine, plus a motion detector,
and I.R. device. Where is your remote?
It knows when you are away.
How would you like it when all of a sudden your "Game" texts messages you over the internet, and you have 30 minutes to get to a WiFi or internet connection.
Certain softwear would have to be developed for this game.
Softwear that simulates:
Scuba Diving
Sky Diving
Military Veheciles, any land driven, air driven, maybe even
Space Driven devices.
How smart are you?
Can you think quick on your feet?
Could you defeat the "Game"!
You may have to go on vacation for this!

I agree

PostPosted:Tue Apr 24, 2007 5:43 pm
by 'The One'
I had a similar if not the same idea and yes, if people in the real world will finally listen to ideas that people like us come up with then hopefully we could make this or something like this at least, happen. But at the moment, all the developers do is shell out making loads of money from people by carrying on the same old procedure; new console, new games, better graphics, same ols, same old...and yet even with the time they have, they still haven't figured out the truth of how to get the ultimate engine, ultimate TOTALLY realistic graphics (without polygonal edges) and still use jagged shapes instead of spheres like how atoms and particles are generally spherical in the REAL world.

Also, they could try and create types of matter in the game, like individualise each type into the four forms; solid, liquid, gas and plasma...rather than creating everything using one same method. Then, like God in a way, they could then individualise each element like the ones in the REAL world, and actually, they may as well actually study the REAL WORLD for a change rather than just peering at screens and making things up just for what things LOOK like, because it's not just about what things look like NOR just what they move like (which they ARE getting quite good at animating), but it's how things interact and, in fact, how real the entire virtual world is, once completed.