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Just like sound is converted into a digital signal and transmitted and then fed into speakers to be heard in the sound form ,in the same way smell to be converted into various categories & scales viz pungent and high and 2) sweet and rose like 3) sweet and wet mud like etc and then transmitted into digital signals and recreated on the other end using various perfumes and actual wet mud and air etc ,this way when we watch a song we also get the smell of sweet rose etc etc with it

Reward: A perfume bottle of LANCOME HYPNOSIS
By Hgh73
I have the smell and it is horrible. The last time we drove to a football game my son got out of the back and almost threw up. It happens everytime I go up or down a hill. The dealer and saleman have both lied by acting surprised that they had never heard of this before (when I first brought it in). Now they say they know about the problem but won't do anything. Not sure what my next step will be, any ideas out there?

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