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By kgupta
With the advent of internet while the money can be transferred online, things still need to be manually transported by human being. To be more specific I may order a pizza over phone/internet and make payment online but the pizza has to be physically delivered by someone at my doorstep. I imagine if such a public goods transport system could be developed which is connected to each house, shop, office, resturant, and all other public utility place and that can carry things from one place to another believe it or not it would not only remove half of the traffic from the road but also save great deal of time, money, manpower and petrol. This system may work like how things/mails are moved in a factory/modern post offices over machine with lot of rollers pushing a thing/mail to its destination or how luggage is transported in an airport. Each unit (house/shop etc.) may be allotted one tray and a console where the user would enter the unique identification number of the desired destination and once he has loaded the goods the system would carry it to its destination. The entire system needs to be covered to ensure safety and security of the good being transported. This system may run underground which can be regulated through computers being handled centrally by the Municipality. The Municipality would also ensure the proper functioning of the system and may charge some nominal transportation charges. As soon the user loads the good in his tray the console would ensure that the loaded good is under the permissible weight and size. The size of the system need to allow transportation of goods upto specific size say at maximum a cardboard cartoon of standard size so that the bulkier things are not transported through the system. As a pilot project this system may be tested in a small enclosed area and later on can be expanded to the entire city or the country.

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