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New software for people who are not good at improvising ambiguous material

PostPosted:Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:40 pm
by Derek Rogers
This idea explains something about a new piece of computer software that can be to do with a brand new method of CGI creativity or something like that. I’m hoping this piece of computer software will be invented while I’m still young and will stand forever as a shining beacon of human endeavour.

I’m hoping for the new piece of computer software to come along which will work so that I can get it to make up something that I like, and that the piece of computer software can pick it up, and that I can transfer anything I want from the software onto my computer. If that new piece of computer software does come along, I will want to do that, and I will also want to make up in my own head my own imaginary people in bands with the new piece of computer software and make up my own imaginary songs by those bands and the tunes and performances that would go with them, and that I will want to transfer those sort of things onto my computer. I really do hope for that to happen because I want to get my own ideas from my head out that I can’t make up because I’m not good at prolifically improvising new material. I am good at improvising, but only to a small extent. I could give prolific improvising a try, but I might risk talking rubbish, besides which my tongue sometimes gets tied as well as my brain.

The new piece of computer software should also be for people who like me are poor at prolific improvisation and want to make up things in their heads but can’t, such as stories that can be written and haven’t been and won’t involve any role play because they will be making those stories in their heads be expressed via the new piece of computer software. Also, for people who want to get out things that are in their heads, and like me are not good at prolifically improvising new stuff, it should pick up what they want to get out, and pick up things that they want to picture in their own heads that they wouldn’t know how to and wouldn’t know what to picture in their own heads, and pick up tunes that they want to make up in their own heads but don’t know how to, just by typing in something like “make up what I want to make up in my head”. I will want it to take much shorter time for the computer software to pick up those things than the time it would take to make them up as they would go along, let alone watch them or listen to them.

Saying this, it sounds a bit strange I know, it’s just something I really want to come into fruition, and it would especially be for people like me who can’t prolifically deliver material in terms of a stream of consciousness and would want to, especially while I would still do what I would want to do with the new piece of computer software, and certainly while I’m still young. In a way, it would be like they’re giving themselves brain scans. I think as well as me, it would be helpful for a lot of people, especially those who are not good at prolifically expressing themselves verbally. It can also be used to pick up something that you would be able to make up in your own head or even do so as you go along and I suppose I could use the computer software for that as well.

I just hope that if it does happen, it won’t be the end of script writing and film directing, and the fact that if it does get invented, then someone will have to make sure that not too much originality comes into fruition, and that not too many taboos get broken with that one. I think it should only be available for anyone who would want to improvise new stuff that hasn’t yet been done, and at the same time wouldn’t necessarily want to be famous. I also think that it doesn’t necessarily have to be for sale, and even if it wouldn’t be, it mustn’t be so expensive either.

This kind of thing would be for me because with it, I will want to get out things from my head that I am not able to make up, such as music with similar feels to songs I like such as Hotel California by The Eagles, and Give A Little Bit by Supertramp, and other songs that I love so I can get them all out there as much as I like whenever I like. I would be thoroughly enjoying life if I was able to do that, and the fact that it would be a fantastic way to get out my own ideas for music that I feel would be much better than the rubbish that gets into the charts these days. I am hoping that the computer software will have been invented in time for me to have started doing it by December 2017 at the latest.

I’ll just have to think of a good enough inventor to suggest this to in time for it to be invented in time for December 2017, though having said that, I don’t want to sound like someone who would overrule people who think they are good enough to create their own lives because I can understand how I would feel if I was in their shoes under such circumstances. Also, I’m not a bossy person. Also, a couple of years before YouTube came along, I didn’t ask for that to be invented, and I did say that I wanted there to be some sort of technology so you can watch any programme or music videos when you wanted to. YouTube is 11 years old this year, and it certainly wasn’t around when a couple of years before it was, I was talking about wanting to use that sort of technology.

I’ll want to make up songs with the new piece of computer software that I wouldn’t be able to make up or compose tunes to in my own head, I’d just want to get them out, and the style and feel of those songs will be the same as the kind of music that was around in the 1960s and 1970s in my favourite musical era though I wasn’t around then. The material in those songs would be very different to what’s in the charts these days. I suppose not everyone will like the ones I would get out as I know that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, though I haven’t always known that as being true. I’ve never actually heard it the other way round, but I think what the formula really should be is, “One person’s meat is another person’s poison” because obviously not all the people on Earth are men.

The reason I will want to start doing it in December 2017 is because I’ll be 30 on the 30th of May that year, and I feel it is young, but not very young if you know what I mean, and December 2017 is less than a year and a half away as of August 2016. It would be a life that would really suit me, though doing it once every two weeks would be enough for me. I suppose it might mean I wouldn’t actually be doing it prolifically, but that wouldn’t matter at all.

If I do manage to do what I want to do with the new piece of computer software, I will want to start a second website called ‘Britalia’ Which would be the name of a fictional self-contained country and would also be in the southern hemisphere and longitude level with Britain, so it would be next to Africa on the left. The name for the country would be a cross between the country names Britain and Australia. I won’t go into full detail of what would be going on in that country in advance, but I will want to get out my own ideas for bands that I would make up in my head and the songs that they would write for themselves that I would also get out, though there wouldn’t be a Britalian chart like an American chart or a British chart.

It will be a nice release of energy I think, and I also think that the website would obviously expand the more videos of the performances of the band’s songs I would embed onto it, as well as the writing that goes with the story about what would happen in Britalia. Some of the songs would be covers and others would be original stuff that I can’t get out. The address for the website would be but don’t bother typing that into your search bar as the address doesn’t exist at the moment.

I can think of it as fantastic excitement with all these brand new ideas coming along completely fresh like when in the past, I enjoyed seeing new films come along at the pictures. It will be a very exciting feeling, and it will also have reconnected the joy of taking things as they come for me. It would be an exciting, interesting and original life which I would be very proud of, and it would be a fantastic opportunity for me to get out my own ideas whenever I like rather than keeping them all in my tied brain. Should any person in Britalia that I would make up with the piece of computer software look exactly like any real person in the world, they would just be their clones who they would obviously never meet, and the fact that Britalia wouldn’t be a real country, and that nobody ever leaves there, and also that nobody ever goes there either.

Because YouTube has come along without me asking for it, I’m worried about pushing my luck with this one, but I would quite like to ask a professional inventor for the new piece of computer software to be invented. I wouldn’t sulk if it wasn’t possible to do that, and I’ll understand if I’ll have to be patient for it to come along. I actually wouldn’t appreciate it if anyone else sulked if they wanted to do what I want to do and couldn’t, because I know that the people on the receiving end wouldn’t approve of the sulking, therefore, I wouldn’t sulk under such circumstances as I can’t tolerate such repudiation.

Anyway, if whoever does invent the new piece of computer software, they would probably be pleased as they would be rich because lots of people would want one for themselves, so if somebody does invent it, they would partly be doing me a favour, but they would mainly do themselves and the people of the world a favour. I wouldn’t be the one inventing it as I’m nobody’s inventor, and also I wouldn’t know where to start, but for the people like me whose mouths don’t work as fast as their brains do, they would be helping themselves by using it. I know some people have the opposite problem, and that is probably worse. As well as not being the person who would invent it, I wouldn’t want to have to do television appearances, let alone give talks about it as I certainly wouldn’t be confident enough for that. I may even be as famous as a Nobel Prize winner, and I do know that most people would be honoured to win and accept the Nobel Prize. Honours are good.

The new piece of computer software can work with more than one setting. For example, two of the ways in which it would work would be picking a scene up in my head and transferring it onto my computer, and making things in my head such as tunes that I can’t get out as I go along by doing something with my fingers in terms of rhythm for example, and uploading those things to my computer as well. When I say that I wouldn’t be the one inventing the new piece of technology, I don’t want it to sound like I’m treating any inventor like a slave. It can always be just for me if anyone would think that it would be too revolutionary in terms of film making and everything else that is to do with world entertainment. This could be a bit of help from me for a start, but the new piece of technology could be similar to an iBrain. I know some kind of inventor might come up with the idea themselves to invent it, but I feel ‘far out’ enough to believe that if I don’t suggest this to any computer software inventor, then it’s possible that no one else in the world would come up with that idea themselves. Obviously it wouldn’t be aimed at people who are excellent at prolific improvising.

Though I am nobody’s boss, I think it’s very important that the new piece of computer software does get invented as I would benefit from it as well as many other people who like me would struggle with new and original stuff. I’m not saying that in terms of critical importance, let alone emotional blackmail. Whoever would invent it would not just do me an expected favour, but would also do an unexpected favour for a lot of other people in the world who like me are not improvising professionals.

Once again, I hope it will never break any taboos in terms of professionalism, and I’m sure I’ll have met my destiny if the new piece of computer software does get invented and I do what I would want with it. Obviously it wouldn’t be aimed at everyone, and certainly not those who unlike me are fast at off the cuff originality in a professional sense. Unlike some people, I was late in starting to speak. I don’t know if that’s what contributes to me getting tongue tied when I try to speak. When I mentioned this to my Mum, she said that she thought it could be possible. Some people who are late in starting to speak start talking later than others. I just had odd words when I was a toddler whereas my Mum says that other children at that age were communicating with others in sentences. I am much better at that these days, but it’s still not 100% easy.

The new piece of computer software should also work so that it can pick up in writing what you want to get out, but can’t get out verbally. It should come in handy for what I would want to get out in terms of my idea for Britalia via the device that would pick it up in writing. It can be in a similar way to coming up with new material stand-up comedy wise in an effortlessly entertaining way. I don’t want to sound anywhere near big headed if I say I could be the first and only person to get this idea in for the new piece of computer software to get invented, and I hope it doesn’t sound like I would try to force the issue when I suggest to anyone that it does, it’s just that I feel it would be an opportunity that might get wasted if I don’t suggest this to anyone and no one else ever does.

The new piece of computer software can run on thought power, and can also work with a computer keyboard so that you can type in anything you want regardless of whether you can or want to say what it is you want to get out, or if you want to say that you want it to get out what it is you’d want to get out but wouldn’t know how to. I think it would actually be much better if it did work that way so that people like me who would benefit from it wouldn’t inadvertently stand the wrong chant. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that deliberately. It can also work as in picking up any episode of any programme that anyone can think of and uploading it to their computer and even to YouTube, even episodes of programmes that you would like to see and not knowing what happens in them until you’ve seen them. It will also have to work in a way as if it’s constantly prepared to get it right properly, the pictures or videos you would want to make up with it.

I hope that this whole task with how the new piece of computer software should be invented won’t sound too complicated, let alone be like rocket science, and I also hope they’ll know what to do as I wouldn’t know where to start if I was in their shoes, so there is a sense of pure understanding. Just think of this as me lending a helping hand for myself and our society. I feel that the new piece of computer software would do a lot of people good, me being one of them as my mouth doesn’t work as fast as my brain does, though I suppose it is better than the other way round. Once again it will be like CGI, only much, much better. Of all the many things that get invented in this world, the new piece of computer software would probably just be one of those rare things suggested my any original member of the public to be invented as I know that this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often.

I think the new piece of computer software should be a new addition to the world because there seems to be this bombarded generation that has been for about ten years or so now: Facebook, billboards, Twitter, Instagram, taxes, newspapers, watches monitoring our sleep, apps that read our pulse, terrorism, etc. There’s such an onslaught to the senses these days, and it’s a marvel any of us manage to get out of bed. That’s just another reason why I think it’s very important that the new piece of computer software does get invented before too long.

And last but not least, and this part is to definitely be read carefully, and this might be some help, but I think the new piece of computer software should be mainly for people who like me have social anxiety and don’t meet many people in a social situation as a result of having no idea what to do in a social situation, and also feel that they do not even go anywhere and that they feel that lead a boring life and get completely freaked if having to attend a party for example. I do go out, but only with people such as my Mum, support workers and my Community Nurse as I am insecure about going out on my own.