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Plaque Fighting Salivary Glands Altered By A Pill

PostPosted:Tue Jul 26, 2005 9:43 pm
by AaronBurns
If you use gland targeting pills to alter your salivary glands into 24/7 plaque reducers then you have all around better teeth and gums for ever. The salivary glands secrete liquids to break down food and a slightly stronger solution from the gland would eventually dissolve the rest of the food particles left behind including the sugars that build plaque that destroy teeth and gums. The main componant that breaks down the food does no damage to teeth and actually keeps them healthier and has the ability to disolve what is left behind if you consider plaque (From food and drink) a food byproduct that could also be eaten away like a constant mouth wash. We just isolate what is in saliva and increase it's acidity to a level where it can help provide a constant tooth and gum protectant. This way we can eat anything we want and forget brushing every day (By accident of course).

Reward: A free root canal.