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By Bubbles
black holes are formed by stars that run out of energy and implode.
all a star does is turn hydrogen into helium. scientists can turn hydrogen into helium using this "star" method.( its how hydrogen bombs work) theoretically, if we get enought hydrogen and turn it into helium, we can create a star, and in turn, a black hole.
By 'The One'
That sounds very possible! Scientists should be very careful of things like these happening. Although, no worries because I'm sure they've considered this already. Just in case though, someone should make a film about it happening and so that the film is a kind of warning to scientists to let people know what COULD happen if scientists aren't careful, because essentially, scientists have the most power compared to anyone else in the world, because they know the most how our world works and our planets structure, etc.
By C-Chamberlain
Check out either this January or December of Popular Science. They are planning on making miniature black holes. They would only be a fraction of the size of an atom and would change the characteristics of reality around them for a split second (that's as long as they would exist before collapsing). Very cool reading.
By 'The One'
Whoah! Seriously!?! But that means and explains why a lot of people in the world must feel wierd all the time...Because scientists are messing around with the fundamental structure of the universe itself! What if there's an accident though!?! We'll all get mangled around, sucked in, messed up! Mind you...I've already thought about this and if they're doing that kind of stuff, there's nothing any of us can do to stop them...Maybe we're not meant to mess with the fundamental structure of the world. Maybe it's fundamental because it was meant to be how it is, not a disected version of itself! But...if they honestly know what they're doing then let's just hope they're not going to mess anything up...There's only so much you can trust these organisations...Cool idea, but can it be trusted...
By 'The One'
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By MichaelJTrusso
While watching a science show just a few months ago I saw that there was the discovery of black holes in every galaxy. One per actually and they could tell 2 distinct features to them: they are either feeding or non-feeding as they called them. In the center of each Galaxy in a vortex known as black hole but I wouldn't say they are holes as the resemble a top spinning more than an endless vacuum. As the galaxy spins pulling in all it can reach it spews it back out the top and the bottom or to the sides depending on the angle you look at it. But I see them as more like tops to make a clearer picture. However, as far as our planet goes they, the scientific community, can not yet determined how close we are to the center. Popular belief is, if we are far enough away from the center, the fact that this galaxy is now feeding will not have an effect on us. They do know it wasn't feeding before but is now!

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