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Human Life Extension

PostPosted:Mon Dec 26, 2005 1:33 am
by AaronBurns
If they can preserve and grow brand new tissue and organs from humans and put them on or inside us then why can't they preserve us with an injection of some altered living version of the non-toxic version of the regrowth hormones with out HGH(human growth hormone) involved since they don't use HGH in the petrie dishes?
Some kind of anti-freeze (Formaldyhide) type version of the liquid Cryogenic freezing process but for living humans to use. If we beat the end of cell regeneration by preserving it in one constant state then we would never age. A kind of science fiction sounding possible reality because we're almost there all ready. Imagine keeping people at the perfect healthy age of 17 or 18 for ever!
We just apply it too DNA and RNA and the recycling of the entire human body and all it's cells every seven years which only lasts an average of ten short times. We might not actually have any other death insurance so if we live; Heaven has to come to us! Ha!

Reward: I will volunteer (first) for the human testing!