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Hybrid Electric Turbine Car

PostPosted:Fri Apr 28, 2006 12:40 pm
by tromoser
With today's high gas prices why not eliminate the need for gas all together. This idea is for a Hybrid Electric Turbine Car. It has the technology of Electricity only. Think of this as you are driving down the road how much wind is generated passing your car. That wind can be harnessed into Electric current by a few small wind turbines mounted either on the rear of your car or a specially designed channel in the body of your car. Now add a few batteries to the vehicle to keep a charge in the car to get you going to produce the electric. This is a win-win situation. Anyone interested in taking this idea further with me please contact through email.

Reward: knowing that you helped design a non fossil fuel car for the environment and who knows how big it could be............