Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
Create an electrical generator that is wind powered, shaped like a jet engine, and with internal (spiraling) fins for fan blades. Set these up in a series from the front of a vehicle to the rear inside tubes resembling exhaust pipes (would be situated below the passenger cabin) that can channel and re-use air/wind to turn each generator in a tube/series. The front generators in each pipe, then, become part of the grill/front end/lower spoiler air intake design for autos. Wind resistance is decreased by allowing air to actually pass through the vehicle via the tubes rather than just pushing it. Efficiency is further increased by allowing several small generators of this sort to feed the main power supply battery that runs the electric portion of a hybrid automobile (in addition to the other sources of charging the battery accesses such as via a gas engine or through the braking system). The generators need to be manufactured so that each individual generator in the series is a replaceable part that can be swapped out if it wears out. An advantage of this design is that the faster the vehicle moves, the more power will be generated through increased rotation of all the generators. I can draw this for you if you like, but I am not an engineer to actually build a prototype... So, for the sake of our Earth, the idea is free to anyone/everyone who can use it to improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution. The tubes that house the generators will need to be sturdy and soundproof, and the rear of each tube may need a small sound muffling device of some sort.

Reward: Whichever auto manufacturers develop this, I think a great reward would be a lifetime supply of free autos that use the technology.
By goben12
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great job on your idea! i am currently working with some experts who are also friends on an idea almost similar to this. The difference however, is that we didn't design ours as pipes that run from the front to the rear. We are also building some large lithium ion batteries instead of the regular ones. I really like your concept and I would appriciate if you could aid our prototype making process by providing me with some drawings or any more ideas. According to our proposals we should be able to attain about 400 miles/gallon.
The topic of self sustaining power, be it air, pressure, movement or electric comes up every now and then.

Sounds kinda like the DELOREAN built by Carl Tilley from the Tilley Foundation.


His bright idea was to attach a wind generator to the rear of the electric motor. His explanation was that the generator would produce power when the car was in motion and keep the battery powered up.

This brings great thoughts of something that might just have a chance to work, and in a hopeful society in an engery concerned time, most people are hopeful that something will work.

For the lay man the plan sounds great. The car uses the most power at take off then powers down as it travels down the roadway. The generator produces power to replenish the 12 12volt batteries. Sort of a recycleable event.

Mr Tilley made all kinds of claims of traveling extremely long distances without having to charge the car.

When he was suppose to prove his claims at a nascar race track with the press and on lookers, the car drove a couple laps then Tilley brought it in claiming a wheel bearing went bad. He went away promising the repairs will be made and to reschedule another proving run, It never happened.

The link should take you to the site where there are pics and other documents about the Delorean.

If you think about the variance in wind with a car going faster and slower, you would not have nearly the same RPMs as the motor would have developed. Plus the fact that the stronger the generator, the more wind you need to make it spin.

Also consider that a motor powering a car uses a lot of battery.
Most electric cars carry 10 to 14 batteries and the mileage is generally around 30 to 50 miles. Notice the advertisements about the new Chevy VOLT? Also have you noticed that the range keeps getting smaller in the ads? I think it is now down to 50 miles. The biggest mistake GM made was to drop the EV1 which was a viable electric car. Dropping it stopped all research and development and now GM is back at the drawing board, again. All this cost heaped on the consumer.

Good luck with your project. We all hope that someday someone will come up with that one idea that will save the world. An idea that when you look at it, should not work at all and yet, you have the proof running in front of the world to see.

Keep us posted, this will be an interesting thread.


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