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How to destroy any large iceberg.

PostPosted:Fri Sep 01, 2006 7:10 am
by GraWarlock
Icebergs, by their very nature, are solid, dense and brittle. If you drop a small iceberg, an ice cube for instance, it will shatter. This is the basis for this idea.

If two, or more, explosive devices are detonated under an object at a predetermined distance and interval of detonation, thus producing a very large bubble(s), the varying stresses exerted upon the body of the object will cause it to twist, compress, expand and break.

If the explosives are detonated in a proper sequence they will apply a positive force upon the object, followed immediately by a negative force which will break the object into many pieces.

The Royal Navy detonated a torpedo below the hull of a frigate in such a way as to produce a large "bubble" which lifted the ship at the midpoint of the keel and then dropped it into the negative area produced by the bubble. The result was that the ship broke in half and exploded. It sank in a short time. I want to do the same thing to large icebergs.

Reward: Prevent any more Titanics from happening. Also, if anyone has the money available to test this out please let me know if it works. Thanks.