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Horror Thriller movie concept

PostPosted:Tue Oct 10, 2006 5:24 am
by ReconMarineUSMC
Concept of the film is WWII horror. Because of the fanatical research that the Nazi party put into searching for the Holy Grail, Magic, and the Occult, Allied & Axis troops on the European front find a bit more to battle than each other.

50 years ago, the German SS and its parts have created an elite company of killers named codenamed "MK-Berzerkers". These sub human troops kill everything they see. With supernatural powers, i.e. strength, senses and speed, they track all soldiers on the field of battle. There was only one soldier who escaped only to bring truth to the folklore. On his death bed, 2005, he tells the tale of the Berzerkers fearing that they will catch up to him before his natural death.