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Plasma rifle

PostPosted:Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:25 pm
by ShotgunNinja
Hey, you're all pretty smart, right? Then some of you MAY know that Magnesium ionizes at only about 17 volts for first-level ionization. That's about the energy in one of those cordless drill batteries, right? Well, couldn't you just... Well, it's better explained with pictures.


Just load that into an empty shotgun shell like you would with shotgun pellets, take a shotgun, and replace the barrel with a rifled barrel preferably made of titanium carbide, and you're good to go. One genuine plasma rifle.

Almost all credit for this idea goes to my good friend, Mr. Andrew Colford, 17, of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. But I did come up with the magnesium/aluminum oxide combo.

Re: Plasma rifle

PostPosted:Sat Jan 19, 2008 3:27 am
by builder1
Magnesium is has a lower combustion temperature than aluminum oxide. What would happen is; you fire the shotgun which would break the glass, then the sulfur and magnesium would ignite and almost instantly the temperature would be high enough to ignite the aluminum oxide. This is also called "Thermite", once ignited you can not put it out. If you spray water on it the heat is so high that it separates the molecular structure of water releasing the hydrogen atom, now you have a bigger fire.