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Invisable inner tinting for auto

PostPosted:Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:15 am
by kdizzal
using polerized paper/ adhesive paper, stick one POLERIZED peice of tinting on side windows. verry, important to remember witch way the tinting was placed on. on the other side of the car rotate the other peice of POLERIZED piece at a 90 degree angle. adhear to window. now when finished, window is clearly visable looking into the car, but since you used polerised paper, you can not see threw the car, giving the elution that the other side of the cars window is compleatly blacked out. works no matter witch way or side looking at the car. the lines of polerised ?ness cross each other so closly that the naked human eye canot see threw it. will not work in car if you are wereing polerized sun glasses, but is complaetly leagal in all states because you can see into the car... have fun

Re: Invisable inner tinting for auto

PostPosted:Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:02 pm
by JustAnObserver
I am confused.

What exact purpose would this have other than attracting new friends who are a part of the Law Enforcement office?

In my city window tint is illegal. If they go to all the trouble of leaving the donut shop to stop you for tinted windows and then see that they sort of are not tinted, they may be in such a good mood that they search the entire car, just to detain you.

You have to be careful with polarized film. They prohibit you from seeing some things, which could be interesting if you need to see them. When you have polarized glasses on, you can take them off to see but the tint wont be that easy to remove.

So what was you idea behind the polarized tint besides dragging the POLICE from Dunkin Donuts????