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PostPosted:Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:04 pm
My idea is that we can select deep ocean sites for constructing power plants that require no energy other than the energy generated by sea.
1. Remember how water occupies air gap in a soft drink bottle.
2. Design a big air tight tunnel deep into sea with the opening into surface
3. construct a generator room in the middle of the pipe (if the length of the pipe is say 500 meters, then construct a air tight generator room some where at 100 metres from the pipe and connect it to the pipe. Make an opening in the pipe and lay a pipe line at that level to the generator room. Water will gush at great force through the pipe in generator room , since generator room is well below the sea level, as the water gushes, the air gap will soon be filled up with water, ensuring powerful flow of water into the generator room, driving the generator shaft and producing the power.
5. This idea can be tried near big dams also. Only thing needed is to ensure forceful flow of water by following the principle.
I do not know how much the idea will be practicable since I am not a science student.