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Movie idea-Movie name: Berserk(not enough berserk in it yet)

PostPosted:Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:52 am
by superfly000

set in the future... 2300

world is in ashes from intergalactic invasions... 1/10000 of earths population is left

humans with enhanced strengths and powers.... used as soldiers to fight in the war of the worlds

earth alliance loses... quarter of earth is under the control and use of other worlds

humans have turned into the animals and slaves, as the aliens are now dominant owners and runners of the economy on earth

few super soldiers exist... one with unique and specail compared to the rest of them

super soldiers are created by injecting one specail radioactive gene into them, not all humans survive, so only strongest of the humans are given the chance, but even the strongest sometimes die from injection

super soldiers cannot not die unless killed

20 super soldiers and few hundred normal humans hold a stronghold(in progress)

that one specail super soldier with abilities is among the 20

1 super soldier is the squad leader(age 120)(hes old, buff sinewy, wears sunglasses, no beard but big grey mustache, scars everywhere), and trains the 19 ss among them

1 engineer and technician ss, 1 proffesional wrestler ss, 1 pilot ss, 1 girl army cammando ss, 1 athlete ss, 1 assasin ss, 1 swimteam teacher, 1 jockey ss, 1 police officer ss, 1 stripper ss, (the rest in progress)

weapons of the ss are swords or martial arts as firearms are useless and useless against themselves also(all swords are made with the strongest material from the galaxy, some swords are made differently)

humans are currently residing in the demolished cities and ruins of the past

the specail super soldier is currently weak and does not know his potential

specail super soldier establishes relationship with a girl among the last humans

she follows him wherever he goes(she loves him deeply but he does not show any affection and return of the love she shows)

girl helps and shows support towards specail ss without him even knowing

the human strong hold is attacked and more than 100 humans were killed

the outerplanet beings also use swords and have similar powers as ss

human ss are more war trained and stronger than the normal outplanet being soldier

2000 outerplanet soldiers were sent in to kill or capture humans

the 20 put up a big fight, boy is damaged and girl takes him away

the squadleader is captured and killed, 5 of the ss were killed, 14 dissapeared from the area

500 of the outerplanet soldiers were killed

almost all humans from the stronghold were captured and transported to the establishment

during the past few months, the girl takes care of boy with food and nurishment, boy trains harder and pretects her on their journey to another human base overheard by them during a conversation

one ss(200 years) know of the specail ss boys existance guides him towards himself

this old ss has the same powers the specail boy has(the boy trains under this old master)

1 year has passed

boys new sword is a big blade which was owned by the old ss(old sword was short katana)

girl is much the same except matured in womanly features. boy is bigger, buffer, stronger, and disciplined personality

boys strength has become a god ammong any ss

he now seeks to rid the earth of the outerbeings by setting his journey to the capitol city plowing through everything that gets in his way

his rage accidently hurts the girl during a battle with the outerplanet beings squad 2 captain

girl has always bin supportive since the beginning for the boy, the boys thoughts for the girl are still the same

girl is unconcious and boy brings her to safety in nearby city ruins

its bin 1 month (location under waterfall) girl wakes up

boy shows is happyness and love for her recovery

girl pushes him away and dosent know him(memory loss brain damage)

boy then realizes he loves her alot

boy keeps trying to explain everything to her, she resists

girl runs away

boy is now by himself feeling very lonely and not knowing what to do but go to the capitol city and take back earth

5 months the boy has been killed(3 leuitenants, 2 captains, 4 first class unique soldiers of the 12 specailists in the outerplanet army, 1 general)

boy is now at the door step of the capitol city but is defeated and captured by city Duke's body guard super soldier(human)

floating castle and now detained in prison, boy is punished and tortured infront of more than 2000 outerplanet inhabitants

5 months later the boy encounters the girl(lost memory or boy) in luxury with 1 rich outerplanet warrior

boy cries and grieves for his loss

she slightly remembers him, and loses tiny bit of interest of the outerplanet boyfriend

- flash backs of what happened between girl and him that the boy thinks of during his time in the psionic cell -

girl comes to visit him and brings him food

girl finds a picture of him and her in his pocket, and the guards detain her

she was then crucifide by her boyfriend

the boy is enraged, and he remembers his old sayings of his master (lets his anger loose and free yourself)

the boys body rushes with blood and adrenaline( eyes glow bright white)

boy breaks lose and desroys the prison district, and also finds his sword locked up in a high lvl detainment room

sword breaks free on its own and flys towards him

he defeats the duke and his body guard, kills eveyrthing that has went in his way, reaches the throne room of the establishment leader

he expected the boy and they both fight equally

- to be continued

notes- still need to be fixed

- the other 14 ss
-1000x more story and detail soon to come
-the girls story of how she got to city
more to come